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Intel Israel - Thirty years of successful growth
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Intel Israel - Thirty years of successful growth

Intel Israel  - Thirty years of successful growth


Thirty years after its first investment in Israel, Intel (a world leader in supplying the computer industry with microprocessors, communications, software products and motherboards) today employs 5,302 Israelis, up from 5 employees in 1974. In 1999 Intels exports reached $810 million, a 92% increase over the previous year. Total Intel exports from Israel peaked in 2000 at $2 billion but in line with the global slowdown in the microprocessor industry dropped to $1,400 billion in 2002.


Intel chose Israel as the location for its first design and development center outside the US (1974). Intels first facility for the manufacture of microprocessors and memory outside the US was located in Israel (1981).  Today Intel has centers in eight locations throughout Israel.


Intel has also invested in successful Israeli companies. Intel purchased two local Israeli companies, DSPC for $1.6 billion cash and Dialogic for $780 million. As part of Intels strategy it had invested over $1 billion in local hi-tech acquisitions and in the development of business in Israel since 1996. Intel Capital has invested over $100million in dozens of Israeli start-up companies, which benefit from valuable strategic cooperation. In July 2001, Intels investment in Israels highly educated workforce paid more dividends with the development in Israel of next generation laptops for introduction in 2003.


The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor has assisted Intel at every step on its Israeli journey. Through the Ministry, the Israeli government awarded Intel a $400 million grant for a proposed $3.5 billion project to expand existing facilities and build a new manufacturing plant. Today all Intels X86 chips are produced in and exported from Israel.


Intel in Israel today has eight locations. This dispersion has been as a result of Intel wishing to be at the power centers of Israels silicon wadi for development purposes, and to be in the regional areas that have been dedicated as National Priority Zones by the Israeli government, for production. This has had a great socio-economic impact in these outlying areas.


Intel in Israel today has 8 locations: Haifa: Home of Intel since 1974 A multi-disciplinary development center for software and hardware. The Israel sales office for Intel products also includes Intel Semiconductors Ltd. The center was established with a total investment of $ 300,000 and initially employed five workers. Today the plant provides employment for 1,600 people. Kiryat Gat Large manufacturing plant which manufactures one of the worlds most advanced computer chips. It is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology that constitutes the basis of advanced computers.  The plant was established with a total investment of $1.8 billion, $600 million of which was invested by the Government of Israel, under the Encouragement of Capital Investments Law, and over $1 billion by Intel. This is the largest investment ever made in Israel by a private company. The fab employs 3,700 Israelis. 1,500 subcontractors are employed to support the extensive infrastructure. Jerusalem: manufacturing plant that employs 800 workers. Winner of exporter of the Decade (1987) Petach Tikvah: (formerly DSPC): Development which employs 450 workers. Yakum: Development Center.


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